Generating 2 million Impressions That Converted Directly Into $80,000 in Donations/Charitable Giving

Over the course of 2023, The Factory Interactive has boosted the overall audience of The Udonis Haslem Foundation across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok by 534.4% with a direct conversion of $80,000 in donations. 

Mission Driven Results

The Factory Interactive has played an instrumental role in the Udonis Haslem Foundation’s impact across South Florida’s underserved communities. The Foundation’s mission is to create more hope, access, and opportunity for communities that are often overlooked by others. The mission was taken into the digital landscape to connect with aligned individuals to further heighten and drive impact for all foundation initiatives.

Using Digital Marketing to Reach Fundraising Goals

The Factory Interactive continues to directly convert the foundation’s social media and email audience into an engaged and committed donor database through online activations, Meta fundraising campaigns, giveaways, auctions, exclusive events, community partnerships such as Give Miami Day, and paid partnerships with organizations like the World Jai Alai League. These activations are supplemented with an email marketing strategy producing a 50.1% open rate, 3.6% click rate and a less than 1% unsubscribe rate. 

Fundraising Focused Event Activations

By securing local partnerships and activating a 360-degree event planning strategy, The Factory Interactive executed a 300-person event titled “Mindfulness Monday” at the famous Red Rooster Overtown. This event was fully-funded by secured sponsors, which allowed fundraising of thousands of dollars at the event itself. Attendees including important political figures, social media personalities, and industry experts facilitated conversations around mental health awareness and mindfulness for teenagers.

Seamless Personal Brand Integration

As the agency of record for Udonis Haslem himself, The Factory Interactive is able to capitalize on Haslem’s powerful presence in the Miami community. This has allowed The Factory Interactive to secure partnerships that benefit both entities financially to deliver a substantial return on investment. 

Continuing to nurture both digital and in-person communities, The Factory Interactive has taken the growth and results from 2023 and doubled-down on effective strategies for conversion, ultimately driving the mission further for more hope, access, and opportunity for the community.