Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis is a two-time Superbowl Champion and 2018 Professional Football Hall of Fame Inductee. After his 2013 NFL retirement, Lewis has leveraged his stature as an NFL legend to dive into a television personality career including appearances on Inside the NFL, Dancing With The Stars, and Beyond The Edge. Today, Lewis is a New York Times best-selling author for his breakout memoir I Feel Like Going On. In 2015, Lewis partnered with Rob Wallace, an electrical & energy engineer, project manager and business consultant, to co-found Power52, a growing Nonprofit to provide training, jobs, and affordable renewable energy to inner-city communities. Lewis is also an official partner of Under Armour, seeking to bring help and hope through community impact programs.

Rebranding a Legacy

At The Factory Interactive, we fully embrace the concept of the  ‘athlete brand’ and strategically utilize our athletes’ brands as multi-functional and multi-platform tools. We are firm supporters that Athletes are more than skilled entertainers. That is why Ray Lewis came to The Factory Interactive to rebrand his legacy. Our past work within the realm of sports led Ray to The Factory Interactive.  Athletes are considered not only as vehicles for advertisements or product endorsement but also as cultural products that can be sold as ‘‘brands.” Understanding this, The Factory sought to elevate and more clearly define Ray Lewis’ existing brand while ensuring his legendary career and his burgeoning future as a businessman synchronized seamlessly.


Rebrand Ray Lewis in order to garner more Partnerships outside his siloed sphere of athletics.

The Factory’s Approach

Ray Lewis approached us with the desire to solidify and strengthen his platform and audience as a social impact creator, business leader, and inspirational voice. 

Our objective: Amplify Ray’s voice and the communities which he aims to serve by maximizing the brands’ earnings potential and building a strong personal brand to accurately communicate Ray Lewis’ legacy.

Our Approach

Consistency of Brand Communication:

Logo redesign, Brand Book, Sponsorship Deck

PR coaching and Consulting

Narrow down verticals of focus and redefine Ray Lewis’s tone and messaging across all platforms

Digital Media Optimization

Raydr Analytics Tool, Social Media Strategy, Monthly Reporting

Social Media Monetization and Content Strategy

The Factory consistently created engaging, snackable video content, taking advantage of content compensation tools. Utilizing Instagram and Meta’s monetization tools, the team leveraged Ray Lewis’s loyal viewership into a consistent source of revenue for Ray’s brand each month. This content strategy incorporated staying abreast of trends and updates to platform-specific algorithms, immersed in the latest best practices.


Raising Engagement Rate by 151%

The first step in rebranding Ray Lewis was to develop and implement a strategic brand look and feel which was communicated to all of Ray’s brand partners. By clearly laying out brand guidelines we defined a set of rules that constituted the overall look and feel of the Ray Lewis brand. This helped to build a consistent and well-communicated brand identity that Ray’s audience can easily recognize across all platforms. Our comprehensive brand style guide outlined everything from typography and color palette to the tone of voice and mission statement.

  • In just under a year, The Factory has generated a 72.8% increase in Ray’s audiences across all platforms
  • The total Engagement rate has increased by 151%
  • Raised Impressions by nearly 34% to 54,014,270.
  • The engagement rate raised 88% to 7.3% Engagement rate per Impression
  • Video Views across Ray’s social media went up 272%

What’s Next?

Continued development of strategic digital to foster and leverage new and existing business partnerships within the verticals of Sports, Investing, Business, and Media.