A Brand 3000 years in the making

The Agency was tasked with naming and executing on comprehensive brand development for a scientifically formulated CBD brand, The word cannabis is from the Greek κάνναβις (kánnabis). By adopting this earliest use of the world, we aim to show reverence to its origins and use as a medicinal and healing plant for over two thousand years.

We have chosen the name Kannalíf as the brand name for the new brand and its subsequent product lines. Kanna derives its origins from the greek word kánnabis and “lif” is Icelandic for life and is pronounced (leaf).

Founded on dayparting and micro-dosing, we developed a brand philosophy and iconography based on times of the day…Wake, Revive, Boost, Relax, and Sleep.

The Agency was responsible for all aspects of the Brand including the development of an eCommerce website, 360 marketing campaign, social media and influencer strategy.